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The Bookshelves Collection

These exquisite bronze sculptures are miniature works of art, delicately crafted to complement any space. Whether displayed on your bookshelves amongst your favorite reads, or serving as a conversational piece in the center of your coffee table, these hand-crafted pieces are guaranteed to be a source of constant delight in your home. Through intricate details and lively poses, each sculpture invites admiration from art lovers and collectors alike. Their tactile surfaces and compact sizes also encourage playful interaction, allowing even curious little hands to join in appreciating their beauty. Bringing moments of discovery and wonder, these charming bronze sculptures are sure to lift your spirit each time you pause to admire their artistry.



In Motion by Alessandra Albin

In Motion


Pure Dance

Resting by Alessandra Albin


Corona by Alessandra Albin


Who by Aleesandra Albin


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