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Available for private collection

Stacked depicts a dancer in a breathtaking pose, their body suspended mid-movement in a delicate balance. Crafted in bronze, this miniature sculpture captures a single moment from a dance routine in exquisite detail. More than just a representation, it serves as a metaphor for the dedication and discipline required of the dancer's art.

Held aloft, they demonstrate the immense strength, precision and control necessary to execute even the simplest of maneuvers. Yet beneath the surface virtuosity lies a hidden vulnerability. A single misstep could mean disaster. 

Just as in dance, so too in life do we strive to maintain our equilibrium amidst life's uncertainties. Each new challenge we face requires perseverance, passion and calculation if we are to endure. This small sculpture honours both the dancer's mastery of their craft and the quiet courage with which we all navigate our individual journeys. Frozen here in bronze, the dancer serves as a timeless symbol of the wins, risks and struggles that collectively shape our humanity

Specs: 9''x2''

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