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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My artistic style draws inspiration from classical Greek and Roman culture as well as Mexican traditions. I work primarily in durable yet beautiful materials like bronze, terracotta, gesso, stone and light metals to craft my sculptures. As an artist, I am deeply interested in the human form and how we move. Most of my works depict figures in a state of perpetual motion, designed to engage the viewer and convey a story. At their heart, my artworks serve as a reflection of myself as I endeavor to envision what it might be like to inhabit the skin of each character I bring to life. Whether placed outdoors, indoors or hanging from ceilings, my sculptures are crafted to serve as lifelong companions in the homes of my collectors. I hope they will bring years of enjoyment and reflection.

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Alessandra Albin's studio (#322) is located at Silver Street Studios, 2000 Edwards Street, Houston, 77007


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